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Escape To Ubud

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Ubud, popularly known as the cultural hub of Bali, has a mixture of new and old. Ubud is a lovely spot to visit with family and friends. The great thing about Ubod is there are lots to do in a small area. From yoga retreats to visiting temples and from wandering around the town to learning how to paint. Ubud is also home to some of the best hotel pools in Bali. There’s plenty to offer visitors looking for an immersive holiday. Here are some ideas:

Swing ride over Ayung River 

Zen Hideaway is located about a 20-minute drive from the centre of Ubud. It’s in a traditional Balinese village where you can stay and have a local experience.

There are lovely views of a mini waterfall, the Ayung River, Mount Ayung and terraced rice fields. However, the thing that will amaze and delight is the swing hanging at the top of a hill between the coconut trees.

The thrilling swing ride offers breathtaking views of the Ayung River and the jungle from above.

Zen also has a private walking trail down to the waterfall and river, where you can relax and swim.

During your stay, you’ll be right in the centre of local activities like dancing, farming and the locals love visitors.

Adventurous River Rafting

It can be an unforgettable experience to ride the Ayung River.  Not only is the river a the source of life for the Balinese people, it also offers adventurous rafting experiences.

The river has 45 rapids to keep you busy and an Ayung River rafting experience is a blast. There are several rafting companies, like Bali Adventure Rafting, which provide you with safety gear and an experienced guide.

Yes, you’ll need to wear a helmet and life jacket!  Most trips are around 10km and take about two hours. The adventure is short and fun and quite challenging.

At the end of the river, the view is amazingly peaceful as you glide past rice fields and forest.

Paradise Ubud

Paradise Ubud is a raw food restaurant in Ubud that serves vegetarian and vegan cuisine at very reasonable prices.

What’s more, it has the world’s first organic vegan cinema experience. You can watch a movie in their in-house cinema too. This cinema is equipped with world-class facilities and seats 150 people.

It’s a great way to while away a rainy day or to entertain the kids away from the beach.


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