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5 Amazing Hotel Pools in Bali

Have you been wondering about hotel pools Bali, because you are hoping to travel to Bali soon? Then if so, you will find our recommendations of the five best hotel pools in Bali to be beneficial with valuable insights.

There’s nothing like an amazing hotel pool to lure you into diving in and cooling off. I often wonder how the pool cleaners at Bali’s best resorts manage to work behind the scenes to keep these pools sparkling clean. Here are my five favorite hotel pools in Bali.

1 Kayon Resort

When you stay at the Kayon Resort, you will be impressed by the exquisite view. The infinity pool is fantastic, as it is set in the beautiful forest scenery that will make a truly unforgettable experience. The staff members at this resort are super friendly and are ready to help you. The food here is nothing less than delicious, and the bed offers a supremely comfortable sleep. Many people who come to this resort want to return many times. You will enjoy the beautiful Petanu River that surrounds this resort. The tropical rain forest that is mysterious and lush generates a relaxing vibe. This resort is serene, and yet it is close enough to the center of Ubud when you want to go to town to explore or do some shopping.

2 Bisma Eight

Bisma Eight is truly a luxury resort in Bali for when you need to forget all your stresses and getaway to relax. The natural tropical rain forest and the waterfall create a scene of beauty and peace that you will never forget. You can enjoy guided tours that are provided by the resort. This resort gives you a sense of belonging and that it is like your home in another magical world. This place will entice you to want to stay longer, especially as you enjoy the magnificent infinity pool that is warm, pristine and relaxing. This place will allow you to shut out all the noise and distractions of your life and to reclaim the calm and balance that you need so that you will return to your home, family and work with a refreshed outlook. Many people who come to this resort wish they could stay longer.

3 Udaya Resort

This resort is top quality in terms of the accommodations that it provides, which will ensure your maximum comfort and enjoyment at all times. The infinity pool will allow you to enjoy the green natural surroundings of the environment. You will feel so relaxed as the water of the pool is warm, inviting and serene. This resort applies the usage of many interesting Balinese elements in regard to the architecture and design of the resort. The service that you will experience at Udaya Resort is exceptional, and the food is wonderfully tasty. This place is spacious, clean and calm, which will add to the splendid experience of your stay at this fine quality resort.

4 Samara Ubud

Although Bali is famous for its beaches, when you come to Samara Ubud, the experience will undeniably exceed all your expectations. Many visitors are keen to return to this resort again because of the serenity of the place makes them forget the business and frustrations of their hectic lives. The green environment of the tropical rain forest that surrounds this resort is beautiful. The resort is decorated in an upscale manner. Enjoy personalized butler service. This private villa is spacious and offers its private pool. This is living top class with real luxury and refinement. Delight in five-star dining at the restaurant on site.

5 The Edge

When you want a fantastic experience, then you will find that enjoying the infinity pool that rests over the cliff of this resort is incredible. This place is so gorgeous. You can enjoy dining in a cave setting, which is unforgettable and breathtaking. This resort defies gravity, as it is built on the side of a sea cliff that measures five hundred feet. It is near the small village of Pecatu that is located within Uluwatu Bali. This resort provides detailed opulence everywhere, the views are splendid as you overlook the Indian Ocean, and the resort is pristine when it comes to a high level of cleanliness. This is the hotel to be when you need to get away and relax from the stresses of a busy life.


Bali Luxury Resorts

Bali is a bigger island than what most people imagine. One of the best things about Bali is the incredible variety of places to stay and the number of things to on the island. Bali truly offers something for everybody and every area is different. Regardless of whether you are looking for an active holiday loaded or a shopping and surfing escape, Bali has lots to attract visitors. Of course, choosing the right place to stay can make a huge difference. So, here’s a rundown of the best places to stay in Bali.

balinese food

Bali Temple

1. Seminyak

Seminyak is a city that combines modern and traditional ways of life that are casual. Shopping malls and high-end restaurant are easy to access and you can easily get to these places by taxi. Seminyak is the villa destination, where you can rent a private villa with someone to wait on you hand foot. You can even have a private chef.

Some examples are Villa Lucia, with its typical Javanese climate, Villa Pablo, which get situated in the focal point of the stylish range of Seminyak, Villa Asta, an extravagant and tranquil five-room home. Most have amazing pools.

2. Kuta

Kuta is the most renowned resort in all of Bali and has a huge selection of lodgings, shops, surf schools, restaurant, spas and the most event nightlife on the island.

Kuta has turned into a surfing mecca and a great spot to learn how to surf. This beach destination attracts a younger crowd who love to party.

3. Legian 

Alongside Kuta is Legian, which is a touch more upmarket and less crowded than Kuta. Legion offers a range of cafes, restaurants and shops. There are also a few classy bars. There are plenty of hotels and villas here too.

4. Inland Bali – Ubud 

Ubud is Bali’s cultural centre and a residential area with amazing views. Thin of perfect green rice fields and cute craft shops. Ubud attracts those who are drawn to the spiritual side of things. There are many yoga schools, spas and vegetarian cafes.

5. Jimbaran Bay 

Jimbaran Bay is renowned as a romantic spot. There’s a lovely seafood restaurant on the beach and it’s a wonderful place to watch the sunset.

There are lots of five-star resorts and hotels here, which makes it a great spot for a luxury holiday.

6. Gianyar 

Gianyar is situated in east Bali and is the place to go for local experiences. You can visit sanctuaries, markets and see traditional food and crafts being produced.

If you’re looking for a hotel, here are TripAdvisor’s top 10 in Bali.